[DISCUSSION] Unofficial MakeBlock Sub-Reddit


Hello @everyone, @Best_codes, @CommandeR, @KakiIn, and everyone else on this forum.
Here is the MakeBlock sub-reddit where people can discuss all thing Makeblock, M-Bot, X-Tool, and M-Block. This could be another place like this forum where people can discuss the same thing that are discussed here.
The main reason for this sub-reddit is so people who have not found this forum but use reddit, can ask questions and get answers.
The sub-reddit can be found here!!


@techy_apple Awesome! I’ll be sure to check it out. :smiley:


@Best_codes Thanks! Let me know if you would want to be on the mod team if the sub-reddit expands!


Of course! I’d be happy to moderate for you.


Hi @techy_apple

I don’t use reddit, but I’ve connected with your page to see how it develops.


@CommandeR That’s great! I don’t do Reddit very much either, but I guess I have to now…


You are literally making all the activity of this reddit lol


@KakiIn I am, even though I don’t do Reddit very much. :slight_smile: I’m helping on the community as much as I can even though I don’t do a lot of social media.


I just found this funny, no problem :sweat_smile:


Of course! No problem at all. It is a bit humorous. :smiley: @KakiIn


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