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Bought an xtool d1. Put it all together and the cross hairs werw broken. They sent a new laser head and now just on power up. Only the fan comes on. No cross hairs. Not to mention…running windows 11 and have installed and reinstalled the program amd drivers multiple times…device is never found. Im pretty close to just throwin the FUCKING thing out into the front yard. Computer included. Anyone have any input?


Your post contained the word “d***”. Please don’t say this word, it is considered inappropriate. I will help you when you edit the post to remove the bad word.


Just be glad i didn’t use my first choice for that word. That word was the alternative.


It’s actually really easy to keep from swearing when you’re using a keyboard :slight_smile:. Just use the backspace key and replace it with something nicer.


Look dude…I’ve been chasing cows all morning…and we can round and round all day. Either you can be useful…or move along.


Or… You can edit your post.


Problem solved home slice.:grin:


Have a good evening.


Good! :smile:


Thanks, you too!


Hey amigo…turns out it was a damn motherboard issue. Thanks for all your damn advice and damn referrals to xtool d1 damn support pages. Dont know what I would have done with your damn good advice. Hope you had a damn good day.


Thanks! You, too!


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