Different issues related to mBlock


I have again a problem with mBlock on ChromeOS.

I was able to update few month ago to mBlock for Android 1.3.0
And now there is a problem "Error “Sync Failed. Pull down to retry.” - pull down doesn’t help.
ChromeOS 77.0.3865.105.
mBlock for Android 1.3.0
Chromebook ACER R11 CB5-132T-C1LK

And I can’t update - Google Play Store says my device is not compatible anymore.
Strange that it was compatible for 1.3.0
May I update the mBlock Android App on a Chromebook to latest?

mBlock 5.1 PC version (maybe other versions as well).
Variables / Lists - are not available for Codey Rocky.
Lists are available for Sprites, but not for devices.
Would like to have Lists available for devices as well.

I submited few feedbacks using a Feedback button in the app. (PC and Android)
Strange that I haven’t received any email messages/confirmations.
Would like to receive 2 messages:
imediately - that my feedback was submitted, and I will receive a response within 48-72 hours
after some time - to receive an update

May I subscribe to email news related to mBlock, Codey Rocky, and maybe others ?
How to do this?
Would like to know when new versions are being released and what have been changing.
ps: not everyone is using social media.


May I receive some answers to my questions ?
@tech_support @bigeyex


Hello Dumitru,
Sorry for the late reply.
1-2, For mobile App, we only have Android and iOs. We only guarantee that it can work properly with Android or ios device. We don’t promote that it can work with ChromeOS and we don’t test that in ChromeOS. Few customers may download and install Android version for ChromeOS and get it work luckily, but it failed to work as used to be once updated. To be honest, we won’t make more efforts to find out what has been changed and why it is not working now as there was no plan to support ChromeOS and there will no plan.
3, Here I got screen shot from mBlock 5.1, and this should be working under Live mode:

4, Software team should receive your feedback and reply you, I will check again.
5, I am not very understand. Could you be more specific?


But what about Upload mode?
I want to create a code that will run on a disconnected device.

I sent several feedbacks, and received no responce. Check please that feedback is working well.

Is there a way to receive all the news elated to products, mBlock, etc via email ?
For example I would like to know when new versions of mBlock are being released and what have been changing.
I saw that you are posting on twitter, and maybe other social media - but not everyone is using social media.



Hi Dumitru,
Thank you for replying.

  1. I am sure right now, I will feedback to the software team who will take that into consideration.
  2. I have checked your email in the system, we received your email/feedback three time and replied you each time:

  3. Usually once we released a new firmware, we will see reminder when we open the software.
    If there has many changes, we will post in this forum. And surely all should be released in the official website.


It looks like the emails went to the spam folder. - Will have to to check it again.

Anyway - it would be nice to be able to email subscribe for all the mBlock (and maybe other) updates.


Thank you for the suggestion.
I will let the software managers know. Thank you~