Different behavior flashing lights in live mode vs upload mode


I created a simple program to flash the lights when I push the button on the HaloCode but the behavior when working in live mode vs in upload mode is completely different. In live mode it behaves as expected but in upload mode the lights don’t go out for 1 second. I’ve create a support ticket but also want to keep track here in the forum for future users.
I do have the impression that the upload mode of HaloCode wasn’t tested thoroughly but I can be wrong.

flashing lights.zip (53.4 KB)


Hi Elloco,

You are very active on the forum and never be afraid to ask your questions. In your questioning, it must be understood that the Live mode executes the code very slowly and that your reacting code strangely but without error. For upload mode, it is far too fast for your code.

For similarly similar behavior in the 2 modes, you must separate from a pause: Light Off and Light on because it’s too fast to send the intuffs to the LEDs.

You go to have the same behavior for the servo motor. Ask the Motor servo to move 90 degrees and then at 180 degrees and it will not even move. It’s too empty.

Despite everything that will complain that a material goes too empty;)


Duh missed the wait after switching them off. Stupid mistake.
Yes I’m active currently with the HaloCodes as I would like to use them for my CoderDojo sessions in September. But given the fact that I see differences in behavior between upload & live mode where my program works in live mode but completely doesn’t work in upload mode and the fact that the localLAN doesn’t work at all, I’m thinking if I should not return them and stick with using Micro:Bit.


Hahaha I didn’t come to here yesterday but I provided the same answer as yours via email :rofl:


Same brain. You just have to go work for Makeblock but it’s a bit far :slight_smile: