Diagnosing Mbot Neo



We are trying to get a new MBot Neo working. It’s been assembled and it connects to MBlock. It also connects with the mobile app via Bluetooth. When connected, every app (lights, music, etc) work but we can’t get it to move. Trying to figure out if motors are bad or something else.

Any suggestions to quickly check? I’ve updated firmware on both the Pi and the Shield.




Hi Grenada,

Did you use the correct instruction block because Me and Ayaanmbot are trying to figure out how the block works: Pocket Shield.

On your side, you have to use the mBot2 Chassis.


P.-S. I don’t have mBot2 but I guess …



We have the phone app installed and it connects. It enables us to do the musician, but not Drive.

Do we have to install the code even just to drive from the phone app?



Hi Grenada,

For the phone or tablet, it is quite easy to test.

  1. Please install the Makeblock app (not mBlock or Blocky, this app will be used later)
  2. Go to the Buger Menu and select mBot 2
  3. Connect the mBot by clicking on the Bluetooht icon, top right
  4. Select the first tile to play
  5. Select the first tile to drive


OK. MBOT turns on.

Open app on phone. Click to Drive.
Press Connect Now.
Flashed blue, beeps.
I see that screen above, and when I use “joystick” it even shows the bar above get purple but it doesn’t move.
Top three buttons do nothing, bottom three buttons all seem to produce noise.

Could it be a battery issue? What’s easiest way to check charge level?

Thanks so much for your help!



Hi Grenada,

I have practically all Makeblock products except the mBot Néo.
Personally, I would connect my mBot Neo to USB-C (I think it charges in USB-C) and I would do a test … The current should flow directly and feed the motors.

Otherwise, Makeblock will be able to help you better because since I don’t have mBot Neo, I don’t want to tell you anything.


Yeah I have it hooked up via USB C, it connects, and nothing. Not a good sign!




Hmmmm not good …

Ok, I went to see the site. The motors are connected with a cable on each side. Please unplug the 2 sides and check no PIN is damaged. Connect again, taking care that the connector fits as it should for both sides. Try again and let’s hope it works.

You can also charge the battery for several hours to keep it fully charged.

Finally, Makeblock may have the mirage solution or the replacement in case of a real problem.


Hi there:

Please check whether the cable of the DC motor is plugged in properly, and whether the screws of the wheels are tightened too tightly, because the Makeblock software has built-in related drivers, so if neo cannot be controlled normally it is likely to be a physical problem


Hello Crackel,

I do not understand. Why don’t you have a mBot-Neo yet? Since you regularly help users here in the forum and thus relieve the support team, it should make sense for Makeblock to provide you with a mBot 2. Then you could also help for that version.

By the way: Did you know that mblock 5.4.0 is now available? If you go to Released logs on the website, you don’t get any information about the current version. And it looks like this new version can’t read older .mblock files.

I have meanwhile said goodbye to mBot because of the totally insufficient documentation. I will probably also document this in my blog (http://www.prof-horst-guenther.de/mbot/) and justify it. Too bad about the promising, but unfortunately unfinished product.

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Thanks Phg1,

Indeed, I would like to be able to help on the new models but my wife finds me a little too motivated. I have 4 mBots, 4 Halocodes, 2 Neuron kits, 2 Inventor kits, 2 Codey Rocky and a CyberPI. I help with the equipment and I have it, but I don’t have an unlimited budget.

In Canada, LEGO is quite established but personally, I like the Makeblock products more. For the documentation, you have to leave a few months and Makeblock could call on a few enthusiasts to improve the experience.

Makeblock has the right products, they will work on the presentation in order to take up more space with LEGO.