"Device exception.Try again. Error code 04"


I just bought the 3D printing In Turkey form Robotistan company, But I startted getting this error code 2 times a day and after error code the print cancelled.

Error Code is “Device exception.Try again. Error code 04”

the device fireware version is

what is the reason of this error ? what can I do please help me.

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Can you give me the link to the item you bought so I can find the support pages for it? Thanks!


https://www.makeblock.com/mcreate is official link


Thanks for the reply, I’ll get back with you tommorow!


thank a lot, I’m waiting your kindly responses. I Hope I can understand this errors reason. also I will have some advices this device. for example, during printing or waiting stanby maybe add screen saver mode updating fireware. is it possible I Don’t now.

because if the device is open long time, old view reflect on the screen.


and I have got this error code three times in this night :frowning: during printing PETG with nozzle 235 and bed 60Celcius and printer can not print the object


Here’s some stuff to look through:
I’m busy, so I’ll research some more later.

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