Detect light reflected with RGB Color sensor



I would like to know when the robot drive over a silver conductive tape.

I have 2 Ideas:
– silver reflecte more the light than white. With the rgb sensor could we see the percent of light reflected?
– as the tape is conductive. How could WE make our own sensor to know when the robot are on the conductive tape?

Thanks for your help


@FredRouv It may be possible to do this. Are you putting the tape on a contrasting background, like black, so that the sensor can distinguish between the white and the black?


@Best_codes, Yes and no, the robot may follow a black line on a white background but it can also have silver conductive tape. I’m looking how i can do the difference between white et silver.


@FredRouv That might be a bit hard. I’ll see what I can find out later this week. Good luck!


@Best_codes, thanks. I try this bloc

but the difference between white and silver it’s small.


@FredRouv Let me know how it goes!