Deep engraving on challenge coins


Hi everynone. I’m fairly new to laser cutting and am looking for some help with how to do nice, deep engravings on these coins:

A snapshot of the files i’m looking to engrave (both sides)

are attached.

Im getting mixed messages on if this is possible with the laserbox and if so, what settings and any advice to achieve a classic, contoured coin look like the attached. (not looking for just flat, i’m hoping for 3d depth)

PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much!


Hmm, not sure. To me, it almost looks like these would be better off 3D printed instead of laser engraved.
@Sstdenis I know that you could laser engrave them, but it would not be easy. I think you would have to make an inverted SVG of the coin so that the engraver would engrave around the protrusions / bump-outs, but I’m not completely certain myself.


Ok thank you. I have these svg’s - something like one of these?
And any advice on power, speed, passes?


I don’t have much advice on the actual laser process - sorry. I recommend you find a laser engraving community online and ask there. Many of our laser members here aren’t very active anymore. :confused:



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