Debug vs Program mode perfomance


Hi all,
Recently I made a mBot script which follows line using in-built line follower, and in top of that created an integer (variable) which raises by 1 every loop cycle.(I don’t have source right now so I’ll show the mechanism behind it)

Follow line throughout loop, increase variable by +1. If variable equals 150, make a noise.

Normally when I test it via laptop, mBot travels about 0.5 meters and displays variable to be 150 (As I abovementioned). But when I upload script to mBot and run it only with batteries, it takes about 10 centimeters to make that random noise.

And so I came to ask here, is it really true that mBot performs faster when has script uploaded to it’s core or the opposite?

Thanks, and sorry if I wasn’t understandable.


Communication online and offline require different time. And yes, uploaded program runs faster than online debug program.


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