DC Motor Driver / New Version


Hi Makeblock,

I wanted to participate #makeblocklab. So I made my machine feed the fish again and it does not work anymore.

I tried the WIFI block, the Kickstarter Bluetooth block and the Inventor Kit Bluetooth block but the DC Motor Driver block no longer appears in the Neuron application under IOS. The other blocks like the button works.

What’s happening ?



I made more tests.

IPAD AIR Model MGHY2CL / A, IOS Version 11.4 (15F79) = No DC Motor Driver (BAD)
IPHONE 4 Model MD293C / A, IOS Version 10.3.3 (14G60) = DC Motor Driver (OK)

The problem is not intermittent

Good luck


Hi crackel,
It just works ok when we use Ipad (ios 11.4). Is your neuron app the latest version 1.4.2? And how about testing with fewer blocks? DC motor driver is always not showing?


Hi Makeblock,

I have the latest version of the Neuron application under IOS (version 1.4.2).

I tried with:

  • Kickstarter Bluetooth, Power, DC Motor Driver KickStarter
  • Bluetooth Inventor Kit, Power, DC Motor Driver KickStarter
  • WIFI, Power, DC Motor Driver KickStarter
  • WIFI, Power, Button
  • WIFI, Power, Servo Driver
  • Kickstarter Bluetooth, Power, DC Motor Driver KickStarter, Button

The other blocks display in the Neuron application.


Hi Makeblock,

I test again and again but the problem is really existing.

Then I deleted the Neuron application and installed the application again on my iPAD version 11.4.
The DC Motor Driver block is functional. Now it appears in the Neuron app and I can use it.

However, I lost everything. Noooooonnnnnnnnn …
The positive is that there is no problem.


I am sorry to hear that :frowning:
But anyway it is functioning now. Guess it is ready for your fish again.


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