CyberPI vs Halocode (LAN)


Hello Makeblock,

I am using the LAN block to share information between Halocodes without much problem. However, CyberPI does not seem to have the instructions to join the Halocode network.

How to make CyberBI communicate directly with Halocode without WIFI (Cloud).

Finally, why the Codey Rockey does not have the possibility to join the LAN network



I have made a project about CyberPi and codey,they can use the LAN to interactive with each other seamlessly,but about Halocode,it can’t receive or send the message without WIFI,the key point is the “message” and distance (within 4m),you can change it to message1 or message 2 to correspond related equipment then they can interactive successuffly.



I didn’t believe the explanation but it seems Halocode and CyberPI communicate together easily.

However, which extension to use (WITHOUT WIFI) for the Codey Rocky. I did not find…

Thank you



The only way I can find is add Infrared sensor for Cyberpi and then it can interactive with Codey






Hi makeblock.lindingxin,

I was aware of IR and CLOUD functionality. I didn’t want to go through the Clouds because I didn’t want to be dependent on a WIFI network.

I have made a lot of progress in the communication between CyberPI, HalodeCode, Arduino, etc … I will leave Codey aside for my project.

Thank you