Cyberpi python library


Recently purchased the mBot 2 with cyberpi. It’s great, kids are having a lot of fun with it. I’m trying to dig in on the Python programming for it, but running into issues.

There are API docs ( that detail how to access things like the ultrasonic sensors, but they’re not working. It looks like the Python modules described in the docs don’t exist in the version of the cyberpi library I’m using. I have 0.0.5 installed, which is the latest version that is available as of this writing (see for confirmation).

The cyberpi and mBot 2 are pretty new, is this just a case of the docs being ahead of where the current release of the Python library is?

Has anyone had success coding their mBot 2 with Python?


Hello cjackson, thanks for pointing it out. We are now working on the docs and there should be several updates later. Please check later and the docs will be kept updating


Thank you for the response. I’ve been checking the last few days but haven’t noticed any changes to the documentation. Can you point me to some of the changes you’ve made that could address my issue?


Hi cjackson, just checked with our product manager. I was told that it was ultrasonic version 1(mBot version) in the document you sent, but we are using ultrasonic version 2(mBot 2 version), so they are not compatible. However, we are now working on the new API and documents for the newer version, but I’m unable to provide a date cause there are a lot of works to do for R&D at the moment. Now we suggest that you can use the upload mode rather than live mode