Cyberpi Audio


Can i record lots of audio files with cyberpi? If it is no, i have me audio player module can i connect it to cyberpi?


No, not easily. Yes, you can connect the sensor if it has 3 pins.


Makeblock Audio Player Module schematic, i couldnt find it anywhere. I dont have an idea it has 3 pins or not. It uses white port, do you know which pins has makeblock audio player for connecting? (vcc gnd and what else?)


For mBuild, mBot, or Neuron?




Cyberpi Go Kit


Do you mean this one @ozgetasmanisa?



You have to contact mBlock to buy an individual one.


I dont understand, sorry for my english. I want to learn can I use this Me Audio Player V1 with Cyberpi?


Not very easy. Technically possible. I would buy a sensor for an Arduino or something that does what you want. As long as it requires 3 pins or fewer, it will be fine.