Custom sensors at the Neuron connector


I like to build a custom sensor for the Neuron connector. Many websites say that there is an “open source SDK” but I did not find it.

I need a technical description of the connector with electrical data and communication protocol. And I need help how to program this in mBlock with MicroPython.

Where can I obtain cables or plugs for this connector?


Hey Stefanf, I have never found any hardware spec listed anywhere. I have wondered if the connectors are just USB. You’d have to put an oscilloscope on to find out. It may be low voltage too - 3v?
If you find anything post here. I’m not sure Makeblock would share such info?!

Add for SDK or API - have you seen this:

I suspect you have, as it’s easy to find by googling.


The website says that the connector provides 5V power supply and an UART interface.

I measured 5.2V power and 3.3V signals on the UART pins. However, the communication protocol seems to be a secret.

Using the documentation you mentioned above I can only use pre-pared Neuron modules with Python but I cannot build my own as I am used to do with Lego Mindstorms.