Custom block with custom extension isn't generated in the code block


Hello everybody
i have a problem with a new extension device i’ve created for arduino uno in the mblock extension manager
everything is ok with the extension when i use it in mblock, except that when I want to create a custom block to make an optimized algorithm, nothing is generated in the code block (the function i’ve created is not declared and nothing appears in this part)
and off course it generates a bug when trying to upload to the arduino (beacause the function does not exist in the code)

Is this a bug of mblock or is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks very much for your answer


I think it might be a bug… What section is your code in? (i.e., setup, code, loop, etc.)

Thanks for your time,


in this example, the function (my block) “bbb” is defined in block mode, but nothing is generated in the code.
However the call to the function is well written in the code


It could be a problem with your device.


for me it’s a bug from mbot software, because this problem can be verified with lots of other devices published on the platform, not only mine’s.
Does Somebody from mBot know how this bug could be solved?


How does it look on mBlock online?


I know how to solve this problem. What I don’t quite understand is why people create new devices instead of creating new extensions for existing devices. This makes development easier and reduces the number of problems. But perhaps you really have reasons to create a new device. Check it should be like this: