Current Time and Date Blocks for Codey?


Hello, are there any news regarding when current time and date functions will be available on the Codey?

Or is there a way to solve this issue manually somehow? E.g. could one implement a custom extension? Or could one implement a python function that can be called from the blocks?


@balint.home I don’t think that there is currently a plan to add such blocks to Codey. Currently, you could do a workaround with user cloud messages. I might work on an extension or some code for you later. Let me kno if you need help with anything else!

Thanks for your time,


Thanks. I ended up doing a very simple workaround, which suited my need. But I would be interested in an extension, if you have the time and mood :slight_smile:

FYI: It’s about an alarm clock application. I was going to let the user specify the concrete time when the alarm should go off, but I ended up letting them define in how many hours and minutes the alarm should go off. And I simply call “sleep 60 seconds” as many times as necessary.


@balint.home Ah, I see! I will try to make an extension later. Good luck!


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