Creating Loop Blocks in mBlock


My son and I have been playing around with the LED Panel on his Neuron Kit. I have been trying to create moving graphics along the panel using variables. I was wondering if there is a way to make a block rule similar to.

x = x + 1

Or alternatively a For / Next rule as used in Basic Language eg

For x = 1 to 64

If not any other applications using loops


Which software you used?
What is the operating system of your device?


Which application would you like to work with: Neuron or mBlock ???


We have just started using mBlock in an iPad?


Can you code the Neuron with the Neuron App?


something like below (I use mBlock 5-PC version)
It is the same in mBlock App with an iPad.



With the Neuron app, you can make it simple like your example.

Here is a solution that comes quickly to mind.

Otherwise, more complete as a bomb count.
Ok, the example is limited and in French but the loop is present : Exemple

You can indicate what you want to do and I will propose a solution.


Thanks for your response

I cannot seem to find the interface that you have in the Neuron App.

I was essentially looking at ways to teach my son about loops. I was thinking that we could send a set of values to the LED matrix and then increment each X,Y value by a value (+1, -1)


Correction. I just found it but not sure how to use it


Hi JS001,

If I understand correctly, you want to explain the concept of loop to your son. For programming, the concepts by the mBlock software is very easy to learn. I can help you easily because I know the programming very well.

For the electronic side, with the Neuron application, it’s more difficult because I do not have it notion. However, practically everything is achievable with very simple instructions.

Personally, the loops for kids is mblock. It’s visual, it’s easy to understand and the Neuron device is available in version 5.0.1

Otherwise, I can realize your example (1, -1) but there will be nothing easy with the instructions of the application Neuron.


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