Create extension with Python code?


Hello, where can I selecte Python code when I create an extension bloc?
I need to change the langage mode to be uploaded
I see this section, but can’t see where to select Python language?




I found, clic on the line where is written the name off the language.


Make a Google Chrome Plugin

To begin, we should make a manifest document: manifest.json.

“manifest_version”: 2,

“name”: “Python Chrome Plugin”,
“portrayal”: “This expansion runs Python code.”,
“form”: “1.0”,

“browser_action”: {
“default_icon”: “icon.png”,
“default_popup”: “popup.html”
“consents”: [


Make a document called popup.html

<!doctype html>

Getting Started Extension's Popup body { textual style family: "Segoe UI", "Lucida Grande", Tahoma, sans-serif; text dimension: 100 percent; } #status { /* keep away from an unnecessarily wide status text */ blank area: pre; text-flood: ellipsis; flood: stowed away; max-width: 400px; }
  - JavaScript and HTML should be in isolated documents: see our Content Security
  - Strategy documentation[1] for subtleties and clarification.
  - [1]:
<script src="popup.js"></script>

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