Create extension for Android App


Hi !
How can I create an extension for CyberPi, publish and get it into my mBlock android app ?

thanks :slight_smile:


@Albilab You can create extensions for mBlock Web and mBlock PC pretty easily — however, options for Android aren’t really supported yet, so you would probably have to contact mBlock via support email (
Good luck!


Thanks for anwser,

Is there an option to import and test on my device until final android publishing ?
I’ll send a message to them so, thanks ! :slight_smile:


@Albilab You may be able to import the .mext file to mBlock on Android somehow, I’m not sure though. I guess you can have mBlock help you from here.
That said, @CommandeR happens to know a lot about the extension builder — do you have and input, CommandeR?


Sorry! - can’t help on this one.


(Only @CommandeR can view this link)
Just wondering it you saw. :smiley:


Yes - noted.