Costume Device Won't Update on MblockPC



I made my own robot kit an extension to mBlock last month as you can see here - called T-Block:

On the mBlockWeb I get the latest version (as of now 0.1.3),
But on the mBlockPC I always get the first version (0.0.1)
I tried re-install it and even install it fresh on another PC but it stuck with my extension device version 0.0.1!
(version 0.1.3 has a bug that I fixed in 0.1.4 - but it is still under “review” of mBlock team)

Please let me know how to fix it if I did something wrong - or fix the bug in mBlockPC if needed,
We need here a good fix because I will probably keep updating my device and add more blocks…!

Thanks and looking for a reply,


Hi arduino12,
To answer your first question, you need to delete the local extension directory.
May I know the operating system of your computer?
For Mac:
Start the command-line terminal: Choose Go > Utilities > Terminal.
Copy the following command:rm -rf ~/mblock/exts/t_block
Paste the command on the terminal and press Enter.
For windows:
Go to C:\Users{userName}\mblock\ext\ and delete the t_block folder.

About your new version 0.1.4 which still under “review”.
Our mBlock team will review it in one week after you have submit.



Thanks @tech_support ! I use Windows10,

When I open the mBlock.exe - and click the “+” device I saw:

I click on the green - after 2 attempts it said “update successfully” -
I exit and re opent the mBlock.exe but it doesn’t update - I still see V0.0.1

So I removed the C:\Users{userName}\mblock\ext\ and delete the t_block folder -
And now I can’t use this anymore! a bug:

I also don’t think that removing the folder is the solution - because as I said before:

So if a new fresh installation of mBlock.exe doesn’t take the latest T-Block version-
I think there is a bigger bug here… :thinking:

Update- mBlock team approved my T-Block V0.1.4- Thanks!! :hugs:

Looking forward to your reply,


Hi arduino12,
I need to confirm with the engineer and will reply you once we have a result.


How about go to C:\Users{userName}\mblock\ext\ and delete the ext folder.



Yay - It fix the bug (send the screen image above):

But still OLD VERSION!

I think it is a mix of old block from v0.0.1 and new “ArduinoC transcoding template”
because I added the line: “#include “t_block/t_block.h”” only in v0.1.4

but in v 0.1.4 the “led” “motor” and “move” blocks are different!
in the mBlock.exe I see the v0.0.1,

and in mBlockWEB I see the newly v0.1.4 right version!

So still need to fix the version bug in the mBlock.exe…
Looking forward to your reply-
Arad :smile: