Connection problems between Halocode and mBot



I made the communication between Halocode and mBot. However, internet-based breaks are happening.


Can it be done with one of the following solutions?

  1. Is it possible to communicate with LAN?
  2. Is it possible to connect directly with mini USB-usb cable?
  3. Why does have a 2.4GHz tab and no PC program ide?


I do not know the right way to use the Cloud but I use it this way and it works very well.


Thanks Crackel. When there is no Internet disconnection, my code works very well. But there are ruptures. In particular, I kept the same message from coming. The problem is to prevent possible breaks in real-time control.


I’m not sure I understand then I’ll go through some examples.

  • In WIFI on my router, it does not disconnect so I have nothing to do.

  • In WIFI connection sharing by my SAMSUNG phone, it disconnects when it goes to sleep. I would tend to loop endlessly in “when HaloCode starts up” to reconnect when the WIFI is back.

Is this the desired effect?


Hi Crackel,

No problem on the local network. Halocode is permanently connected. Already, halocode is connecting to LAN. However the modem also has instant internet connection disconnection. I have the same problem with my own internet connection.


Me, I have no problem with the internet but I test this code for you.
Can this example help you? When the Internet stops the Codey reconnects immediately.

How can I connect halocodes via LAN and PC/smartphone/tablet?

Hi Crackel,

I really wanted to help. But I don’t have Codey.


Hi all,

The main problem is the tp-link modem. Periodically lower at speeds from 2Mb/s to 0 at 30s. I’il change the modem. My real question is; How do these and similar tools make the least error in an algorithm?



Problem solved. The source of the problem is the service provider. The program was very successful when the service provider refreshed the signal. Now, I can get the real speed and power of cloud control. Very enjoyable.

Thank you, everybody.


Thanks for posting the code! I have nothing else to add… :frowning: Might as well keep the thread alive!