Connecting smart camera to mbot2



Sorry Pierre I can’t answer any more! But ok, done!
You’re my salvation!!!
Do you have a link explaining how to connect servo pack and light & sound add-ons to mbot2? Ilooed for but I found only form bot
Thank you very very much!

I’ll have a look thank you but it seems form mbot… do you have these add-ons on your mbot2?


Reconnect the right mbuild port of the ultrasonic sensor to the mbuild port of the mbot2 shield, then connect the power module to the mbuild port of the quad rgb sensor that is now free.


I find this link :

Maybe try to look the makeblock youtube channel.

I have the servo pack but didn’t try yet, even if it’s for mbot it should work for mbot2 too.


Hi PierreJo,

The Servo will connect to S1, S2, … directly without going through the board and its cable. Directly the servo in the S1, S2, …

For the Light & Sound Building Kit, too complex so you have to keep it for the mBot 1


I don’t have mBot2 and camera but look at the pictures…



Thank you very much Crackel!


Hi Crackel,
do you mean that you cannot use light&sound add-on with mbot2? This will be a problem for me…
Do you have a picture like the camera you posted to see how to connect servo pack? Thank you very much


Hello marziat,

I don’t have a mBot2 but I’ll take a picture for you on the CyberPi with the Code…Give me some time, I’ll take some time today!!!

For the complement of Light, I did not say impossible. I said difficult, but with the Makeblock product, it is often possible to circumvent or add unintended functionality…

Let’s start with the Servo Motor.


Hi marziat,

Here is the photo with a Makeblock engine and a CyberPi.

Here is the code

With Makeblock, you can also use motors from China with these connectors.
Connecteurs PCB 2.54mm, 10 jeux, 2 broches/3 broches/4 broches/5 broches, avec câbles L00MM L150MM L200MM


Thank you!


That connection cable for the smart camera depicted in your picture is for mBot, not mBot2 (mBot Neo). You may have to buy the mBuild smart camera instead.
More info:

Thanks for your time,


Thank you for your reply Best_codes, I managed to assemble everything


That’s great! If you need help with anything else, please mention me as @Best_codes. :slight_smile:


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