Connecting Mbot


So, I have a new Makeblock Mbot. I’ve tested all of the funtions on remote and I decided to start programming. I downloaded the Makeblock app, but when I try to connect the robot, it is just not working. I went to the official Makeblock website and went to the troubleshooting Mbot page, but there wasn’t much helpful info. I can’t tell if the Bluetooth connection thing is actually a 2.4G, because the cover for the circuit board is too cloudy for me to see through. I tried my other USB port and finding another cable, but no matter what I really tried, the stupid robot would not connect. In fact, this problem is pretty much the only reason I even started my account here, but I will probably keep it. Anyways, the point is I’m officially out of ideas, and I need help. If it helps, I have Windows 11.


Oh also, I couldn’t find any cables


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