Connect motors with encoder without driver


Is it possible to connect motors with encoders without a special driver?

    • insert the motor into the ORION board, there is already support there, but encoders? Can I connect via RJ25?
      The problem is that for some reason I have one engine driver with encoders dead. Now it’s not working correctly, I set another, it first worked fine, but after a while the motors began to work out of sync. This is noticeable compared to what it was. And the motor driver heats up. I applied to the orion 9v board from the power supply. And the program balances the robot. Could there be too many teams? Well this is not a question. I raised the question above.


For such DIY application, I are not sure if it is caused by improper operation or any other reason. If you have all testing details. I may try to have a same test.
To connect without using motor driver, you may need the Orion schematic:


I use this particular board, but how do I connect the encoders to it? M + and M- will give me the opportunity to connect the motors directly to the board. Now 3 motor driver boards with encoders have already deteriorated. 4 works. And in the program, instead of a delay of 5 ms, now 10 ms.


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