Connect Me Audio Player to separate speaker to amplify volume


We developed project and we need higher volume for Me Audio Player can we connect it to extra speaker?


@ozgetasmanisa This one?

I’m sure there’s a way, but do so at your own risk. It would likely void the warranty.


What is the way?


@ozgetasmanisa Judging by how the sensor looks, I’d say that you could purchase an amplifier or use MOSFETs to make one, then solder it onto the mBot sensor. I don’t have the sensor so I cannot really guess the rest. :confused:


There are three metallic circles under the audio player are they just holes or are they pins + - vs.? And have you schematic me audio player


I would say holes. My mBot’s sensors holes as well, surrounded by metal, but I think it is just to protect the PCB (board).

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@ozgetasmanisa I have an internal schematic, not sure if that will be much use, though:


This is not audio player schematic it sound sensor.


@ozgetasmanisa Sorry! In that case, I could not find anything. If you need more help, ask makeblock (although they may provide limited assistance with this issue) via email: