Connect Halocode to mBot Directly via Cable



Is there a means to connect Halocode with mBot directly via cable?

Halocode has an electronic module extension connector, is there a cable that can connects to that connector in Halocode and the other end connects to RJ25 in mBot?

Something similar to the smart camera that has an I2C cable that connects to the mBot RJ25, but the halocode doesn’t have an I2C connector, only that electronic module extension connector.

I now have the following connection:
Halocode -> 4 wire cable -> Smart Camera -> I2C cable -> mBot

But what is the means to communicate between Halocode and mBot? There’s no extension in mBot for Halocode and there’s no extension in Halocode for mBot. If there is a way and Halocode can communicate with mBot directly, this opens up a whole new possibilities, a smart mBot!!



Hello asep_nh, the idea is good but there’s no official solutions for it. Actually we’ve just launched our latest mBot Neo, which is powered by CyberPi. You can upload programs into CyberPi and mount it on the car to run the program. You can check at for more details. I think this could be the alternative solution for your idea