Compiling and uploading firmware mBot Ranger with Arduino


Hi All!

I am new to mBot Ranger, and I was trying to run my first ‘test code’ with Arduino.
I have the following setup:

  • Arduino 1.8.13
  • MakeBlock libraries downloaded from and installed in the proper directory (in fact I can find File -> Examples -> MakeBlockDrive entry within the menu)
  • Hardware Makeblock Me Auriga V1.3
  • Win 10 with USB cable connection the the Auriga V1.3 board
  • No battery connected to the Auriga V1.3 board

I have opened the ColorLoopTestAuriga sketch file, it compiles with no issue for the board “Arudino Mega or Mega 2560” and processor “ATMega2560 (Mega2560)”

My enviroment shows only “COM3” and “COM4”, I have tried to “Upload” (CTRL+U) the sketch on either port but it fails to upload after some minutes.

Any clues?

P.S.: I have read the wonderfull “Makeblock mBot Ranger Arduino Coding Reference” from Murray Elliot ( but it didn’t help


I have just figured out the issue, I had to install mBlock IDE, which installed a Serail Port driver. The driver created COM5 which is the on to use with Arudino IDE too. In fact, I could flash my mBot Ranger with the ColorLoopTestAuriga and I could see the LED “looping” :smile:

So, for mBot Ranger, in order to compile, build, and flash the board you have:
1 - Install Aurdino IDE from website (I am using 1.8.13)
2 - Install the Makeblock official libraries from GitHub inside the Arduino IDE (see v.3.27)
3 - Install the mBlock (I am using 5.3.0) IDE from Makeblock website, which it will install an extra serial port. That serial port is the one to use within Arudino IDE too

Enjoy programming :slight_smile:

P.S.: If you can’t find the menu entry File -> Examples -> MakeBlockDrive it means that you miss or failed to perform the step 2


Nice work @stefanolenzi.

I started writing the guide long after it was all set up and working on my OS X laptop so I may have missed some key steps in the documents for Windows platforms. Thanks for the suggested document updates.

Enjoy the rest of your journey with the Ranger


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