Compile error again



at school we have again the same problem with compiling as we had in may. Could you help us?

I attempted to upload a simple program to mBot from Chromebook with mBlock 3. It failed and i got a compile error that starts like this:" Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: Exception in thread “main” java.awt.AWTError: Can’t connct to…"


jukkasyalli, Finland


Hi jukkasyalli,
Please turn to mBlock 5 online version (need to install mLink) which also supports Chromebook:

The earlier version issue, we’ve feedback to the software team who will try to work it out.


Thank you very much. Now mBlock 3 works again. I have tried to install mLink to Chromebook, but the newest version of Chrome does not allow me to install mlink.crx file. I would be very thankful for instructions how to do it.


jukkasyalli, Finland


Is there any redirect notice when installed it? Any error message? Please give me more details. Or you may take a video for me, we will check with the software team.


Here are two screenshots from my computer:


Sorry, I am not able to open or download the screen shot.


Did you follow our guidance to install mLink?
How did you install mLink? Via Chrome store or download crx file?


Yes, i followed your guidance and installed mLink from the link that was in your guidace.


Sorry, Via Chrome store or download crx file?


I downloaded the crx file from your link. Not via Chrome store. I am a teacher and we tried to do it to pupill’s Chrome accounts, too. But nobody succeeded.


How about try that with admin account?


I am not admin for these computers, but i will ask help from the one who is.



Ok, we’ll keep following up.


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