Compatible tablets


Hi All
I got a Chinese no-brand tablet which I thought was a good enough spec - it won’t connect with my Neuron :frowning:
I did a check for BLE - and it passed which means it must be bluetooth 4.0 at least. It connects to my headphones no problems. It has a MTK8752 Octa Core processor and runs android 7.0
I also have a Samsung Tab A and A kindle Fire hd which connect no Neuron no problems so this is a bit confusing. Any ideas what I can try?


Hi sparkie,

Is it possible for you to find the model number of this tablet?


It is a dongpad

I ran a BLE test and it passed - suggesting it is 4.0 or greater
I have asked the manufacturer to check the version


Hi sparkie,

You may try open the GPS on this dongpad, then connect neuron Bluetooth have a try.


that worked - thanks!


I see this is a bug in Android software v6 which still has not been rectified in v7