Color sensor suggestion - Neuron


Hi Makeblock,

I made a machine with the mBlock application on the tablet, it works but has some intermittent malfunctions. With the mBlock version on PC and the variables, I am better and the machine would be too. The problem is that I don’t have the same possibilities.

Can you look to put a color tolerance like on the tablet?
On PC, I only have red, green and blue


Hi Crackel,
That is the value for red, green and blue.
It returns numbers, and the combination of values is various colors


Hi Makeblock,

I knew about values, but creating a part of a program to treat tolerance is not easy for teenagers. If there could be an API or block to select a color with 20% tolerance, the code would be shorter and easier.


Hi Crackel,
I will feedback your request to the mBlock5 team to see if we can do something.
They will have an assesment.


thank you