Codey Rocky


I Think We Should Be Able To Store Home Appliance IR Messages In Variables So For Example Codey Can change The TV channel And Change Volume At The Same Time!


Hi FNAFman201,

This request comes back quite regularly. Unfortunately, in the version with the blocks, it is impossible to save the IR codes in a variable. This is really very sad. I don’t understand why this functionality is not improved …

I vote too


Hello guys, this is an interesting question, and I have tested myself, also I checked with the R&D team. All the information I’ve got is that due to the hardware limit and software limit, this kind of project is not possible on Codey Rocky. Hopefully someday in the near further, maybe this function will be added to one of our new products, LOL



If it is possible for one order then it is possible for several. However, your mBlock application must follow the MIT Scratch so I understand that you cannot modify general variables. Why not make an object in the IR section. Without having the unlimited option, 4-5 orders would be great.