Codey Rocky won't connect via USB or Bluetooth


Hi all,

I recently bought a Surface Go 2 for my daughter and a Codey Rocky and I can’t get it to connect via USB or Bluetooth.

  1. It works on my home PC.
  2. Another Codey Rocky from a friend won’t connect either.
  3. I have reinstalled Surface drivers.
  4. I have installed all updates.
  5. I have uninstalled Mblock and reinstalled Mblock.
  6. Windows Bluetooth app recognizes the Codey Rocky.

And still no luck. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


You must also install mlink 2


The Com 3 port is not showing. It says it can not detect any devices.


Hi Totoro,

We need more information.

If not, did you think you turned on the codey ?. This is necessary for the Com to automatically detect.


Hi Totoro, please try to install CH340 driver on your Surface and try again:

If there are still problems, please record a video and send to


I understood the docs so that Bluetooth on PC is only supported through the special USB Buetooth Dongle from Makebot. The regular Bluetooth interface is only supported on Android and iOS.

My Linux Laptop does also detect the Codey via Bluetooth and I can pair with it. But there is no virtual COM port as usual on other robots.

I use the web version of the IDE together with the mLink program over USB. Javascript in the browser has no direct access to the USB connections, therefore they developed mLink which is a bridge between Network and USB. So the browser connects to mLink via network, then mLink connects to the Codey via USB and passes through the data in both directions.

The USB cable provides a virtual COM port when the CH340 driver is loaded. The official driver download site of the chip manufacturer is In Linux you do not need to install a driver, it’s already included in the Linux Kernel.


Excellent info @stefanf - thanks for this.