Codey Rocky Rock Paper Scissor


I’m trying to code Codey to play a rock paper scissor game when it is shaken. I can’t seem to make it work. I’ve tried several variations. Here is the most basic one I’ve attempted and it only produces one result. But will not repeat. Whether I use a repeat, forever or create a variable. Any ideas??


So, could it be like this??


@Crackel beat me to it! :grin:
Here’s my version @chonito

yet another version with random values of 1-3…

Note that the first “show image” is really redundant.


I shared it as “PaperRockScissor”


I explored several variants of playing the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game using mBot with my grandaughter a few years ago. It’s quite a good way to explore mBlock5 programing techniques. These experiments are all documented in my free to download book ‘mBot&Me - vol I’ from Makeblock Education. You can find the .pdf file at:


Thank YOU!


Thank You!


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