Codey rocky IoT features


I would like to add the ability to check the time in the specified time zone to halocode and codey rocky in mblock.
:warning:(This sentence seems to be wrong. Sorry.)


Hi dai5_jp,

There are some times I do not know for certain features are not available.
Maybe it would make too much of a request to the server.
However, this would bring a lot of new availabilities:

  • Clock
  • Wake up morning
  • Do an action at a specific time
  • That waking up when the sun comes up
  • other

I would also like to know WHEN we will have this opportunity.
For Halocode and Cody Rocky. A little Makeblock effort;)

Add choice: Now

Then continue adding all that is available.

  • Dates of the next holidays (Christmas, …)
  • Date of the next full moon or solar eclipse

We want the limit of possibilities to be almost unlimited.


I very much agree with your thoughts!