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When I purchased the Codey Rocky from Kickstarter, it was listed as having IFTTT support, and your website still says so. But this not currently an option anywhere. This is false advertising and misleading the capabilities of your product.


IFTTT is in the sprite extension. By making full use of this and the message function, codey rocky and IFTTT can be linked.
But that is a little different from what was in the kickstarter video. (codey rocky itself has an IFTTT extension)


Hi amy,

Several months ago I also made the remark. I agree with you. IFTTT support was one of the features that was looking for. I’m still waiting for this feature because I think it would add to the possibilities of the Codey. I want to use the IFTTT without the computer and therefore with the Codey only.

I still hope to see this feature add by Makeblock.


Hi all,
I am afraid IFTTT will not be added to Codey Rocky. At least it won’t add in a short future.


Then you’re outright lying about the capabilities of it. Both the Kickstarter I purchased from and your website list IFTTT support as a feature, but you insist that you have no plans to actually make this possible?


There was a plan, but later canceled.


Hi amy9h,

I am the first disappointed because this is the main reason for my participation on KickStarter. Then the customs tax and DHL costs as disappointment. However, the product remains interesting. I suppose the description on Kickstarter is a proposal that Makeblock has to try to keep. If the product quietly continues to improve it suits me. For the IFTTT it seemed to me a feature that other robots did not offer so I understand less the choice not to add it.

I think an explanation would be appreciated.

Is it complex?
Is it technically imposible?
Is it technically penalizing to add it?
Is the IFTTT service limited, unstable or otherwise?
Is it simply because of lack of time?

Usually, with an explanation, everything goes better.
However, the codey and the mBlock application remain very good despite this missing feature.

IF This Then That: If we want it then Makeblock will add it :laughing:


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