Codey Rocky Hardware


I am teaching a middle school Physical Computing class, and I’d like to use the sensors on Codey Rocky. Is there any information on the specifics of exactly what type of hardware is used for each sensor?


Hi kman,

The official information is at this address: Neuron

In French, there is my site: Neuron

Otherwise, just post the question on the forum.


Hi kman,
I don’t know what HW is used for the sensors, but I assume you need this info to better use them for programming and knowing how they exaclty would behave in certain conditions.

What I did:

  • I ticked all sensor variables as visibles,

  • when sensor (eg. proximity sensor) gives only a boolean value - I created a new (visible) variable and made a loop with assigning 0 or 1 to it depending on the result of the sensor.

  • For some checks you need to write small programs, for some it is enough to move the Codey around manaully

  • switched to live mode

  • started codey.

  • on the stage in the computer you can see the values of all sensors (eg. colours, light, x,y,x of the giroscope, etc.) depending on what you do with the codey.

As a result you will know much better how responsive the sensors are and what values the present in certain conditions.

I hope I could help a little bit.


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