Codey Rocky didnt work with Mblock App


Hi There. I bought the Codey Block three months ago, and I haven’t a good experience. I tried so many different ways to Update Codey (I used the Mblock 5.2 on windows, updated the firmware to App version, turn off, turn on) and I’ve never got the Codey working.

I installed the last version of two apps. updated the firmware using my PC, tried different mobile devices (Samsung Tab S4, google pixel 2, google pixel 4) and i’ve been able to complete the Learn Codey Basic steps. It is so frustating to my 8 years daughter.

Can someone help me?


Hi igorwiese,

I can understand your frustration but I will try to help you.

Can you explain to me what is not working. I understand that on the tablet side, it seems to work and that you can do the exercises?

Windows 7 or 10 side, you use the local version 5.1 without mLink and you seem to have difficulties? Is the Codey connected by USB or with a Doggle Makeblock?


I am having the exact same problem.