Codey does not power the rocky


My codey does not power the rocky anymore, no matter how long I charge it.


Hi @Bun, does the Codey itself run? Can you upload a code to it to make its eyes be displayed on the screen, for example? It may be an issue with the connection between the four pins (Neuron) between Codey’s head and the Rocky body. Just to make sure, try some RGB LED and LED Panel codes, then let me know how it goes. Also, what codes are you trying right now? Thanks!


Thank you @Best_codes, the Codey is working .I have also tried the color recognition project, but it is not just connecting.


@Bun Then my best guess is that the pins wore out. If the product is still under warranty you should contact makeblock to get a new one; if it is not then you can contact support (, try to fix it yourself, or buy a new Codey. :cry:.
Sorry, but there isn’t much I can do for you now. I’ll see if there are some possible issues later this week. Good luck!