Code re-use PLEASE (part 2)


Hello Makeblock,

I love your development tool. However, when we have several children who are developing at the same time, it is difficult to answer all of the questions.

  1. When 4-5 children are stuck on a section of code (example: following a line) and their code really doesn’t work. I am obliged to write down their code and post the correct code so that they copy it. If it was possible to import a block and not a sprite, this would not delay the group.

  2. Read-only code. It would be useful to be able to put a padlock on certain sections of code. The child can read the code but cannot modify it. This guarantees robot behavior common to all children.

  3. Black box (Activable / Deactivable): A section of unknown code. Allows the child to try to reproduce the behavior without having the solution directly. When the black box option is removed, the code becomes read-only for the child to analyze the code.

Here are some examples of functionality that I personally would use.

Thank you

P.-S. Let’s discuss it in this post to help Makeblock in its educational development tool.


Hi Crackel,
Thanks for your feedback.
I forward your feedback to the mBlock team.
They will evaluate and improve it.