Code example of using ssl_params parameter of mqtt.MQTTClient class


Does someone have a code example of using ssl_params parameter of mqtt.MQTTClient class? That parameter is mentioned on Python API for Third-Party Libraries page but beyond that I have only seen documentation on other web-sites for paho.mqtt.client module… and in those cases, when SSL/TLS is used, you need to upload a server certificate to the device. I’m not sure if it’s a roadblock for Codey or I just don’t know how to do it correctly. Could someone give an advice on that?

If uploading of the server certificate to Codey is not possible (and I probably just don’t understand some basics here), could someone clarify how ssl_params parameter should be used with mqtt.MQTTClient class?


Well, I’m maybe confused about the exact format of ssl_params parameter and what it should contain. So, please don’t focus on “server certificate” particularly - it might as well be a private key or something else. I guess, I’m just trying to figure out how SSL authentication could be used with Codey.

Thank you.


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