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Hi Makeblock,

I have a few questions that come up often and I would like to answer once and for all. For that, I have to understand how the Makeblock Cloud works.

Code - Sprite

Code - Codey

I took the simplest of codes and it works pretty well
Each minute a new number is sent to the Cloud and retrieved for display by the Codey.

Problem (not too serious)

When the computer goes down, there is no more transmitted digit. Once, revealed … it starts again, as if nothing had happened. Falls old, I revise and this for many minutes and maybe even 1 hrs or more.

However, when my computer falls deeper old old. Nothing works anymore. The Codey is connected to the Cloud but the sprite does not seem to transmit the information in the same Cloud.


  1. Is there a time out ???
  2. How does Makeblock ensure that the “Cipher” message is unique to my project?
  3. Why does the project stop working in the long term?

There, I’m just trying to understand. I have other tests to do but thank you for explaining the concept to me …


Hi Crackel, here’s my view for the questions you just brought up:

  1. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no time out
  2. When you want to send cloud message, you need to login your mBlock account. In this way, the cloud message will only be transferred to the device connected to the Internet and logged in in the same account.
  3. I don’t fully understand the word you used for your computer “goes down”, but if you were talking about the power off the computer, or make it sleep, then the program would stop. If so, this would be more of a hardware problem rather than software. If the computer sleeps, mBlock 5 will no longer run so the message will not be sent out


Hi tech_support,

  1. No time out? Lucky because there are at least 2 of us having the same problem and we have done some tests. We are going to do more serious tests.
    Hi tech_support,
  2. Yes, the cloud works great, it just needs to work for a few days.
  3. Long live my English Google Tranduction. Basically my computer is doing great. When I shut down the computer, start it again and go back to mBlock on the Sprite to pass numbers, it doesn’t work anymore. I will improve the code and give news.


Hi Crackel, I think we are not talking the same thing LOL. For the time out, could you please describe it in more details? Currently I haven’t heard anything like that. It would be nice if you can provide more information and I will check with the team.

For the “goes down”, actually I have just tested the program on my laptop and it works fine! No matter I restart the computer, restart the Codey Rocky, as long as I open the file and press the flag, the number will change on the screen, it just kept working as a clock. If you’d like, you can download my program to test as well. I was using a MacBook Pro 2014, 10.15.7, mBlock 5.3.0

FYI: if the attachment cannot be opened, change the “.sb2” to “.mblock” in the file name.
Cloud Test.sb2 (54.2 KB)



I worked on my side and tested for 4 hrs and actually the program worked even when I left to come back. Obviously I was working on the computer so it is not falling out of date but I assume it is functional.

Thank Tech_support


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