Chromebooks are used for education, but mBlock is not fully supported


I bought Codey Rocky last winter, hoping that it will be supported by Chromebooks.
But it is too far from there yet.

Somewhere in January 2019 I was able to install an Android mBlock app (v 0.7.4) on a Chromebook. And it worked with Codey Rocky - connected via a build-in Bluetooth on a Chromebook. Until few month ago.
Now I can’t connect Codey Rocky. It will beep, and immediately will say “Connection Failed”.

Now I am unable to update this app from Google Play - that has version 0.9.0.
It says my device is not compatible. Acer R11 CB5-132T-C1LK (Chrome OS 75.0.3770.102)
Strange that it was compatible for 0.7.4

May I update the mBlock Android App on a Chromebook to latest?
Or help me to fix a connection issue, please.

Again Chrome OS and now mLink.
I think mLink is agreat option for Chromebooks - but … I can’t install it.

Google Family Link - my son’s Chromebook is managed through FamilyLink.
And due to this “This type of account can’t currently install extensions or themes from the Chrome Web Store

May you please contact Google and ask them how to install your extension under Family Link account.
Or maybe there are some other ways to install extension for accounts managed by Family Link ?

I would like to switch with my son to Python.
Chromebooks are perfect for this (as they have keyboard vs iPad).

@tech_support, @bigeyex


Hello Dumitru,
Thanks for your feedback.

  1. We have forwarded the suggestion to the product manager and software team who will evaluate whether to get mBlock App support Chromebook.
  2. I am not sure we can help communicate with Google. It is not easy or simple. Sorry. As the google users, you all can feedback to Google.