Chromebook Arduino Uno extension error


Please take a look at the attached images.

I am trying to upload the code to the Arduino Uno board using mLink in Chromebook. And It won’t let me.

Here are some error messages.

Thank you very much!


I am trying to achieve the same thing(upload the code to the Arduino using mLink in Chromebook)
Did you get it to work?



Hi sundong212, alex_pl,

What is the connection between your arduino board and chromebook. It looks like the chromebook doesn’t have the usb port.
If connect arduino to chromebook with its integrated bluetooth, I am afraid such bluetooth connection doesn’t support program uploading.

Besides, please refer to user chonito’s suggstionin this link.


Arduino is connected via USB, why would you say Chromebook doesn’t have USB port? It does have USB ports, like regular laptop…


Hi alex_pl.

I see, sorry I thought it has no USB port. Thanks for sharing the info.