Chromebook and Codey Python


OK, a noob here, not to programming or hardware, but to Codey. I have two questions, the first is…
I cannot get the Python editor to work on my Chromebooks. I have downloaded and installed the Chrome mLink extension and it’s active. However, if I go to the Python editor via the blocks (Scratch) programming IDE, I see an error saying that mLink is not loaded!
What am I missing? See attached screenshot grab.

I have Linux on my Chromebooks and I can try loading it there, but I suspect that because Linux runs in a container (Crostini), it will have no effect Chrome in Chrome OS.


OK, I think I answered this one myself. Looking back at the download links for mLink, I noticed a light grey line suggesting Python is not supported on either Chrome or Linux…


@tech_support Are there any future plans/roadmap to support Chromebooks or at least Linux (most Chromebooks now run Linux as well)? Is there any way we can help this along - ie. offering to write Chrome extensions etc?

BTW, there are MANY chromebooks being used in schools in North America, and more all the time!


Hi Kgineri, we will be supporting Linux and Chromebook soon, but there’s no detailed time schedule for now.


Sweet! Thanks @tech_support!


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