Chinese names in mblock 5.3.0 - Tutorials - Example programs


I inspected several of the mBot Tutorials - Example programs in mblock 5.3.0. Good programming stuff, btw. Very often names for variables or myBlocks or output text appear in Chinese, although the mblock language is set to English. In this state the programs are really hard to understand.

To understand the programs better, I translated each Chinese variable/name/text one by one with a translating page, which is a tedious process.

Did anybody make this work already?
Is there a www page where all these examples can be downloaded with all Chinese parts fully translated?
If so, I would like to upload my completed translations as well for general use.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mcmusic, thanks for noticing and point it out. I will forward this message to our team. Hopefully we will change them little by little in the future.