Challenge Mat/Map


Any resources for programming challenges for elementary school neophytes with mBots? I’m thinking of drawing a “city” on several poster boards taped together or a plastic tablecloth to give the kids something to “achieve” with programming. Maybe “Go to the bank and then to the grocery store from home”. Any thoughts?


I doubt there are many resources for such things, but with some creativity and your imagination, I think you can make one. I like your idea, I think it will work fine!


I mentioned elsewhere that I worked with a local elementary school with FIRST LEGO League. They use a 4X8’ board/mat with challenges for autonomous robot operation – hence my thought about mats. Turns out I did find some similar mats online but they are $70-200!! I picked up a long roll of wide, white paper and a large, plastic table cover at Walmart. Also got some black tape and a LARGE black marker (maybe for line following). Just printed off some clipart store fronts. We’ll start with that and then the grandkids can do their on mat design followed by a little programming. . . .