Can't use neuron wifi block with iOS neuron app



I’m using an iPad Pro with iOS 12. The neuron Wifi block is connected to the iPad via wifi, but the app doesn’t recognize this and is always sending me to the iPad settings for making a connection. Connection with the bluetooth Modul is working fine. Connecting to the Wifi Block with my Samsung Galaxy Tab and the android app is also working.

What can i do?



Hi mIange,
This issue is a known one with Neuron App 1.4.4 version, and we have fixed it with 1.4.5 version which will be available in Appstore.


I confirm that on IOS 12.1 with the block WIFI Kickstarter and another block WIFI, it does not work with version 1.4.4.

I will test again when version 1.4.5 will be available.



thanks, version 1.4.5 fixed it for me.




thanks, version 1.4.5 fixed it for me.


Are there blocks to update with this version?


Glad to hear that~ :clap:


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