Can't update firmware


Hi, I have a new mBot that I’m trying to do some coding with it. I connect it with the USB cable, open mBlock 5, add an mBot device and click Connect. Screen shows me that is connected, mBot makes some beep, everything fine. But when I try to update firmware I get this error message

In English it says:
_Update failed. _
! Firmware update failed again.
Check your device is connected.
You can restart the device, reconnect it and tray to update firmware again.

Try again.

Nothing of this works.

I have mBlock 5.3.0 desktop version for Windows.


Hi everybody,

I’ve exactly the same problem. I can add that when I switch on the mbot, it’s not “initializing”, only the power led and the bluetooth blue led are on.
Can anybody help ?

Thank you, Stephane


Make sure your mBot is also powered on. I just had this problem earlier today. Did a Google search and was able to discover that the mBot needs to be turned on.


the mbot is on, but updating and resetting are not working.


Hello Stephanegattoni, have you tried with another computer and another USB cable? Please have a try with those. If the problem remains, please change the language in mBlock 5 into English and take a video and several screens sending to , we will be helping you there


Hi the tech_support,

I send by email some video capture, did you receive them ?
Thank you for helping,


Hi Stephane, I checked the inbox but haven’t find any email related to your description, can you change another email box and try again? In the mail you can copy the link of this post there so that I can know it’s you. Make sure to send to


I just send you again the mail, hope you’ll receive it.
Thank you for your help,
PS: you can also download the video capture here :


Hi Stephane, if I wasn’t wrong, I think I saw the email and replied, please check



I didn’t see your mail. Could you please resend it ?
Thank you,


Sorry Stephane, I checked the email and didn’t find one likely. Can you send it again to ? Please let me know you are from forum in the email


I just send it again


Got you