Can't to add blocks with desired arguments


I’m trying to add a new device with my own blocks. but after extension was published , it didn’t deliver desired blocks. only appeared OPCODE content. please help. Thank


hey there,

please copy the key and paste in the “English” in “Translation setting” as below:

then it should be fine in the preview:

See gif:


Thank a lot for the support. I successfully corrected the issue. But still there is a little problem in block category menu. After publishing , it shows category ID instead of category name. please tell me how to correct it too. Thank


Oh sorry… I found the answer. That was because of my mistake. Thank you.


Hello @Sadev,
How did correct the block category problem?



I found it. Translation was missing


Hi Rodrigo,
Did you solve the problem? Yes , every single word should be translated in translation section.


Hi Sadev,
Yes, it was…