Can't see CyberPi on mBlock 5.4.0


I would like to invest into Mbot2 in addition to “old” Mbot1.
While looking at tutorials it seems I should add the " CyberPi" device to access the right blocs in Mblock 5. But I’m surprised because in the last version of Mblock5.4.0 for PC( Windows) this device is not in the list anymore. I could find the device " Mbuild" but not CyperPi, Mbot2 neither…- Can anyone confirm me that “Mbuild” is the updated version of the device CyperPi ?
In the online Mblock it’s even different, we can still find CyperPi and Mbot2 device to add…it’s bit of a mess.
Unfortunately I can not use the online version in my class…
thank you for your help,


It’s the top device on mine:


@vdujon No, it is not. mBuild is makeblock’s interlocking sensor system used on halocode, mBot 2, Nextmaker, and other kits.

It is. Simply click on the + button in the devices tab, and choose CyberPi, mBot 2, or mBot Neo.

If you can’t seem to find mBot 2 or cyberpi, try using the web version at
and see if it at least still shows up,
or restart mBlock on your computer. For debugging purposes, may I also know what OS (Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.) and version of the OS (e.g., Windows 10) you are using?